rubynye (rubynye) wrote in teamwinona,

Two Winona Ficlets (PG-13 & R) by Rubynye

Title: Aw, &%@$ It
Pairing: Characters Winona Kirk & Chris Pike
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Winona has a bottle in her hand and a strong right hook.
Content Advisory: Um, friendly violence? Incipient drinking.
(Winona swaggers out of the elevator and up to the door... )

Title: Doesn't Love A Wall
Pairing: Haf Eske (Shuttle Medic) / Winona Kirk
Rating: R
Summary: Winona and Haf talk for a necessary moment.
Content Advisory: Femslash, het mentioned, some angst.
(She isn't laughing anymore. )

Disclaimer for both These fanworks have been created for pleasure only and not for profit.
Tags: character: pike, fan: fiction
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