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she likes the name tiberius.

(but we won't hold it against her.)

team winona: baby, you should be here.
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Team Winona

Welcome to Team Winona, a community dedicated to the minor character Winona Kirk of the 2009 film Star Trek! Share icons, link picspams, read the bad mother's handbook, whatever you like! Just remember to read the rules first!


001. If posting fanwork [fanfiction, graphics, picspams, etc] please use an lj-cut! No images larger than 500px and no more than three images above a cut!

002. Tag your entry! If you feel a new tag is needed, page a mod!

003. All advertisements and discussions must be relevant to this community (ie: relate to Winona in some way, whether it's a link to a George/Winona community or asking the community at large what you think Winona's track is). If you're not sure about your advertisement/discussion, please page a mod!

00TIBERIUS. Have fun! I know it's totally lame that this rule always comes at the end, but there it is. It will be strictly enforced. HAVE FUN OR ELSE. POSTING WHILE DEPRESSED WILL RESULT IN A BAN. Not really but it would be kind of funny.


If you would like to affiliate with teamgaila, please page a mod!